Because recovering from a stroke can be a complex process, we offer a full range of services to promote recovery following a stroke.


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Stroke Recovery Programs at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital

Rehabilitation is vital to help stroke survivors regain function, mobility and independence. According to new recommendations by the American Heart/American Stroke Association, the majority of people recuperating from a stoke should be treated in an inpatient rehabilitation facility, such as Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital, as opposed to a lower level of care facility.

We understand that each stroke patient has unique needs. The dedicated stroke program is led by a multidisciplinary team of specialized health professionals with advanced training in the medical management and therapeutic interventions for stroke treatment. Patients are housed with other stroke survivors in environments designed to maximize their functional independence.

With a focus on helping the stroke survivor regain as much function as possible to resume an active and productive life, the program provides a variety of services to help patients adapt to any limitations or loss of ability caused by a stroke. Treatment deals with the many different kinds of impairment which the stroke patient may experience – verbal, physical, emotional and social.

A Stroke Survivor and Caregiver Support Program is available the first Thursday of every month from 2:30 - 4 p.m. Please contact us at 330-841-3891 for more information.

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